HELB Loan Application 2021/2022


HELB Loan Application 2021


HELB Loan Application; In July 1995, the Government through an act of Parliament established the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) to administer the Student Loans Scheme. In addition, the Board is also empowered to recover all outstanding loans given to former university students by the Government of Kenya since 1952 through HELF and to establish a Revolving Fund from which funds can be drawn to lend out to needy Kenyan students pursuing higher education.

Visit the links below to access the Higher Education Loans Board Kenya – HELB Loan application forms and check your HELB loan status, disbursement and repayment in Kenya for all categories ie First-time Applicants, Postgraduate / Continuing  Education, Scholarship Forms…etc

How do HELB loans work?

The Higher Education Loans Board gives financial support for applicants who are going to take postgraduate or undergraduate studies. The aid is disbursed in the form of loans, bursaries or scholarships and must be repaid immediately after completion of one’s studies or at any other time which is stipulated in the HELB terms for a particular product (i.e. loan type). The primary purpose of helb student loans is to help needy students whose parents cannot afford expensive education. HELB loans are not intended for wealthy families and for students with no financial difficulties.

HELB eligibility – who can apply?

HELB loans are available to all Kenyan citizens who can service the loan immediately after its disbursement.

HELB products – HELB loans, HELB bursaries, and HELB scholarships

Higher Education Loans Board offers the following services and products to Kenyan citizens:


a) HELB loan

i. Diploma students loans (Technical, Vocational, Education and Training)

Can be obtained by individuals who pursue diploma courses in Institutes recognized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and are registered with KUCCPS.

ii. Undergraduate Students loans for:

Direct Entry Students (DES) – secondary school leavers who are planning to enter all sorts of universities within the states of East Africa either through the Kenya University Placement Board Services or as self-sponsored students. Loan interest is 4%p.a. Loans are available from Kes 37,000 to Kes 60,000.00 per year. Loan repayment is required after completion of undergraduate studies. HELB first time applicant needs to apply through helb student portal.

Continuing Education Students (CES)- employed students who want to enhance their academic qualifications by obtaining a degree. Loan interest is 12%p.a. Loans are available from Kes. 50,000 to Kes 100,000. The loans processing fee is Kes 2,000. Loan repayment is required immediately after disbursement (remitted to the educational institution as tuition fees). HELB application form for continuing students is available online on the helb co ke official website.

Postgraduate Students – students on Masters or Ph.D. programs who would like to finance their studies. The maximum loan sum is Kes 200,000.00 per year. The loans processing fee is Kes 2,000. Loan interest is 12% p.a.

b) HELB bursary

i. Undergraduate bursaries are awarded to undergraduate students who require financial support to study in the government-sponsored programs.

ii. Technical, Vocational, Education and Training Bursaries are awarded to undergraduate students who require financial support who pursue Diploma courses in TVET recognized Institutes.

c) HELB scholarships

HELB awards partial scholarships to Masters and Ph.D. applicants basing on their academic merit. The loans processing fee is Kes 3,000 which is paid upon submission of the form. HELB application form for HELB scholarships can found at www.helb portable.

Helb Loan Limits

The funding system that took effect in September 2017 will see a student studying dentistry get the highest funding, at Sh600,000, while the lowest funding, of Sh144,000 per year, will go to a student taking a Bachelors of Arts (General) degree course. A student studying medicine will receive Sh576,000, while one taking veterinary medicine will receive Sh468,000. A student taking a pharmacy degree course will receive Sh432,000, engineering (Sh396,000), architecture (Sh384,000), built environment (Sh360,000) and agriculture (Sh324,000).

Students studying education (science) per year will get Sh288,000, science (Sh264,000), applied social science courses such as hospitality and tourism (Sh240,000), business and law (Sh216,000) and applied humanities (Sh180,000).


Undergraduate Subsequent Online Application for FY 2019/2020 is now open. The deadline is on 31st March 2019. Apply via www.helb.co.ke HELB Jielimishe Loan for civil servants who aspire to further their education is now open. Visit helb.co.ke/jielimishe to apply. To check your HELB status or access customer service, dial *642# First and subsequent TVET loan application has been closed. 2018/19 HELB loan disbursement for Sem Two (2) is ongoing. Loan appeals and reviews are open

HELB Loan Application Requirements

Helb Applicants are required to have the following before applying for HELB loan:

    1. A copy of your National Identification card. HELB uses your ID No to identify an applicant. You will also use your Kenyan national Id No when creating an account.
    2. A valid bank account. Students who qualify for loan awards will have their personal bank accounts credited before the beginning of each Semester. Students are advised to open accounts in the following collaborating banks:
      1. Kenya Commercial Bank
      2. National Bank of Kenya
      3. Kenya Post Office Savings Bank (Postbank)
      4. Cooperative Bank of Kenya
      5. Equity Bank.
    3. KRA pin from the Kenya Revenue Authority. The Pin helps the board to track its loanee’s. It is, therefore, an important element in the application process.
    4. Your Parent (s)/ guardian particulars. This includes name, marital status, level of education, source of income, employee details, current payslip, and employee No. (If employed).
    5. Your Parents Death certificate( If not existing).
    6. Copy of letter of admission to the university/college.
    7. Copies of two guarantors’ ID’s.
    8. Three Recent colored passport size photograph

HELB Application: First Time Undergraduate Helb Loan Application (Used in 2021/2022 Academic year)

The Higher Education Loans Board invites applications for the 2016-2017 First Time Undergraduate Loan from Kenyans admitted into Government of Kenya-Sponsored or Self-Sponsored Programs in Public or Private Universities in Kenya and the East African Community that are recognized by the Commission for University Education [CUE].

HELB Loan Application – Eligible students:

  1. Government of Kenya-Sponsored undergraduate Students placed by Kenya Universities & Colleges Central Placement Service and admitted by the universities.
  2. Direct Entry Undergraduate Self-Sponsored Students.

How to Apply for a HELB Loan – HELB Loan Application Guide / Instructions

  1. Applicants should access and fill the 2019/2020 First Time Undergraduate Loan Application Form [LAF] from the HELB website www.helb.co.ke.
  2. Print TWO copies of the duly filled Loan Application Form.
  3. Have the form appropriately filled, signed and stamped by the relevant authorities and guarantors.
  4. Sign the form and attach all the necessary documents as indicated in the checklist appearing on the last page of the LAF.
  5. Present the two copies of the LAF to one of the listed banks that you have opened an account with, for verification and insertion of your bank account details.
  6. Leave one copy of the LAF and all the attached support documents with the bank for free delivery to the Board OR drop it personally at the Board’s Office on 18th floor, Anniversary Towers OR in the following Huduma centers nearest to you:- Nairobi GPO, Kakamega, Eldoret, Nakuru, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nyeri, Embu, Machakos, Kisii, Bungoma, Turkana, Meru and Kitui.
  7. Retain one copy of the duly filled LAF (Mandatory).

Please ensure that you read, understand and follow the instructions provided at the beginning of the online loan application process. The closing date for the loan application is September 30th, 2019.

For more information please contact:

The Chief Executive Officer/Board Secretary
Higher Education Loans Board at
[email protected]

HELB Websitehttp://www.helb.co.ke/

HELB Loan Application Forms

HELB Loans and Bursaries links, Click the links as follows:

1. Apply for a Loan – Helb application forms
2. Apply for a Bursary – Helb bursary application
3. Apply for Scholarship – Helb scholarship application

Helb Loan Status – Helb Loan Disbursement Status

4. Enquiries – Helb Inquiries
5. Loan Status – Helb Loan Status

Helb Loan Repayment Status

Repaying your loan will help other students benefit from our loans
1. Repay your Loan
2. Loan Repayment Status
3. Loan Repayment Modes
4. Student Guide
5. Employer Guide

HELB Loan Website: www.helb.co.ke and Contacts

Physical Address: University Way, Anniversary Towers, 18th Floor,
Postal Address: P.O. Box 69489 – 00400, NAIROBI, Kenya.
Tel: +254 711 052 000 020 2278000
Website: http://www.helb.co.ke

I forgot the HELB student Login Password

If you have forgotten your HELB Student Login Password

  • Visit this LINK
  • Click on “Forgot Password?” link
  • Enter your email address to reset your password
  • An activation link will be sent to your registered email address where you will be prompted to change the password.

HELB Account Recovery/Update

The recovery form is for users who want to recover their HELB Students’ Portal Credentials or change their ID. No., email, or password.

To access the form:

    • Click on “Unable to log in?” link in the https://portal.helb.co.ke/auth/signin
    • Select ID. No. Or Email and Enter The Corresponding Value then click search
    • A popup window will appear telling you to confirm If The Following Details Describe You
      Names: ——
      Phone No: ——-
      Email: —–
      Reg. No: ——–
  • Click on the necessary option to proceed
  • Complete the options in the new window and recovery details will be sent to your email address

HELB Loan E-mail Addresses:

Loan Repayment enquiries:- [email protected]

Employers forward monthly Loan repayment schedules:- [email protected]
Disbursement, Bursary and loan Awards Enquiries:[email protected]
Apply for Advertised Jobs at HELB:- [email protected]
Complaints should be channeled to [email protected]

HELB Loan: Helb awards loans to the following categories of students:

HELB Loan for Diploma and Certificate Students

Students pursuing Diploma and Certificate courses in Public universities, university colleges, public national polytechnics and Institutes of Technology and Technical Training institutes country-wide are eligible for TVET loans and bursary.

Orphans, single-parent students and others who come from poor backgrounds will be given priority for the loans and or bursaries.

HELB Loan for Undergraduate Government or Self Sponsored Students

Students pursuing undergraduate programs in public universities and university colleges are eligible to apply for Direct Entry Students Loans. These loans are for students joining public or private universities/colleges within the East African Community directly from high school either through the KUCCPS or as self-sponsored.

HELB Loan for Post Graduate students

HELB awards scholarships to postgraduate students pursuing their Masters or Doctoral studies. The award is based on academic merit. Scholarships are allocated to universities every year, based on the population of their student. The application period is April to July every year and the beneficiaries are announced before the beginning of the academic year in September. Applicants are required to pay a processing fee of kshs 3,000

About Higher Education Loans Board – HELB Kenya

The Higher Education Loans Board, HELB, is the leading financier of higher education in Kenya. It is a State Corporation under the then Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology. HELB was established by an Act of Parliament (Cap 213A) in 1995. The mandate of the Board is to disburse loans, bursaries, and scholarships to students pursuing higher education in a recognized institution. HELB provides affordable loan bursaries and scholarships to Kenyans pursuing higher education. Key among the responsibilities of the Board is sourcing funds, establishing, managing and awarding loans bursaries and scholarships to Kenyans pursuing higher education in recognized institutions. Through the Act, the Board has been able to recover funds loaned out to Kenyans in the past.

About Higher Education Loans Board – Use of HELB loans

Students are advised to exercise financial discipline and desist from diverting HELB funds for other uses as the loan is designated to be used for the following:

  • Tuition
  • Books and stationery
  •  Accommodation and subsistence.

HELB application forms for non-salaried applicants

  • Undergraduate First Time Applicants
  • Undergraduate Second and Subsequent
  • Undergrad Loan Review/Appeals
  • Constituency Loan Application Forms Embu
  • Constituency Loan Application Forms Tinderet
  • Constituency Loan Application Forms Naivasha
  • Constituency Loan Application Forms Igembe
  • Constituency Loan Application Forms Karachuonyo
  • Constituency Loan Application Forms Awendo
  • TVET for Tertiary Institutions
  • TVET for Tertiary Institutions Second and Subsequent
  • Afya Elimu Fund (AEF) Subsequent Loan Application
  • First Time and Subsequent Afya Elimu Fund Pre-Service
  • Visa Oshwal Scholarship.

Helb Loan Repayment

TVET and Undergraduate Loans are due for repayment upon the completion of studies. The Board may offer one financial year moratorium or recall the loan whichever is earlier. However, one can make voluntary payments which will reduce his/her balance in a good time. Postgraduate loans and Undergraduate loans for salaried students are required to be serviced immediately upon disbursement of the loans. It is important to read the loan agreement form as certain loan schemes have specific terms and conditions. Upon maturity of a loan, the loanee shall be required to begin repayment of his/her loan together with any interest accrued thereon. HELB offers various loan payment options.

For loanees who are formally employed, the employer is expected to deduct the loan installments from the wages or remuneration as shall be directed by the Board. In deducting a loanee, the monthly installments should not exceed 25% of a loanees’ basic pay. Loans to salaried students are expected to be repaid within 48 months upon disbursement. One may wish to pay a higher monthly installment which will then reduce the repayment period and the loanee will clear much earlier than the anticipated period. If one has benefited from more than one loan product and the loans are still in existence, he/she is required to repay all the loans concurrently.

Loan statements can be viewed from our website www.helb.co.ke. In case of any further clarification on your loan statement, kindly email [email protected] Upon completion of loan repayment, a clearance certificate is issued. One is also encouraged to notify HELB once the loan payment is completed so as to fast track the clearance process. Please contact [email protected] in the event of further queries. Completion of Repayment Legally, you are obligated to repay your loan in line with the contract and regulations. Any loanee who fails or neglects his/her obligations may be charged a penalty which will be added to your loan account

Mobile Payment  via M-PESA

  • Select pay bill option
  • Enter HELB business number as 200800
  • Enter your National ID number as your account number
  • Enter the amount you want to pay
  • Enter your secret PIN number
  • Confirm the transaction and send

Credit Card or Debit (ATM) Card

Give authority to HELB to make monthly debits or lump-sum payments directly from your bank account or credit card. This is done by signing the Credit Card Authorization Form (download from HELB website) and forwarding the same to HELB. VISA branded credit cards or debit (ATM) cards can also be swiped at HELB offices.

 Equity Direct

Equity Direct is a pan-European regulated online money transfer service operated exclusively by VFX Financial PLC in the UK in partnership with the Equity Bank Group in Kenya. You can register at www.equitydirectafrica.com which is a quick and simple process. There is a dedicated customer service team on hand to help. To use PayLoan simply select HELB from the drop-down PayLoan list in “ADD BENEFICIARY”. Then add your Student name, and your National ID in the Reference field and “CONFIRM”. You can then make a payment to your new Beneficiary and your payment to HELB is processed instantly and you will receive confirmation email and SMS too. Support Contacts: +44 (0) 207 959 6995 | [email protected] | www.equitydirectafrica.com

Chase Bank – Simba Pay

Login or register on the Simbapay website https://www.simbapay.com/, using your email and a password, your account will be set up; choose a mode of payment (Debit or Credit) Navigate to the payment menu, input the Paybill number, Input the amount and reference (ID or name). The funds will be sent to a Chase Bank (IR) account then settled with HELB. *The payment will be picked in Sterling Pounds – GBP.

Frequently Asked Questions About HELB Loan

How often do you send Loan statement?

To know your loan status visit our website: www.helb.co.ke

What are the modes of repayment?

Check off the system, Credit card, Standing order, Cash/cheque deposits to HELB Account. See payment options above or visit www.helb.co.ke

How do I pay my loan from abroad?

you can pay online using “WAVE”. Please refer to payment options above

What happens if I default?

You will be penalized. For each month that remains unpaid, you pay a fine of not less than KES. 5,000

Can I clear in one installment?

Yes, without any extra charges.

 What happens when I clear my loan?

You will be issued with a certificate of clearance.

What happens if I overpay?

HELB shall refund the overpayment.

How long does it take to get a refund?

A maximum of one month

What if I die before clearing the loan?

Your next of kin is required to contact HELB

What happens if I change employers?

Inform HELB and get a new repayment plan.

Loans are not recoverable after six years. Is it applicable in your case?

HELB is governed by an Act of Parliament that dictates loan recovery.

Can interest be waived for Muslims?

Not at the moment. However, HELB is keen to introduce Shariah Compliant Products in the future

Do you repay the loan if you are on probation?

Yes. The loan is due for repayment upon the completion of studies or when HELB recalls the loan, whichever is earlier.

How do you determine the monthly deduction rate?

The undergraduate loan is repaid within 120 months upon completion of studies while loans for salaried students are repaid within 48 months upon disbursement. Other loans have specific repayment period. Please refer to the loan agreement form or contact HELB on [email protected] Payslip balance does not tally with that in the HELB statement. Payslip balance includes both accrued and projected interest. HELB statement balance only includes accrued interest.

My payslip balance reads zero, does that mean I have cleared loan repayment?

Not necessarily. Please confirm with your loan statement and seek clearance from HELB.

Does my employer need authority from me to make loan deductions?

Like any other statutory deduction, authority is derived from the law (HELB Act 1995)

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