Job Description

Under the authority of the Network Operation Manager, he is liable for a benefit community that he pilots with the help of useful and operational units (client care, upkeep, SFS, bookkeeping, and so forth) He is the primary individual answerable for the assistance stations he handles.

He explains, arranges, creates and directs the approaches of the Network Department concerning:

SFS: shop, wash, support sound, food, programming and limited time activities

Gathering of Products/Service/Quality: Top help,

Cleanliness/Safety/Environment/Safety of property and of people

Support: in interface with the upkeep unit, he ensures that the administrator notices the agreement terms.

He examines, proposes and arranges the financial parts of the agreements inside the system of their establishment, of their restoration or of yearly renegotiation (working capital required and Forecasted P and L).

He controls and avoids the monetary dangers by making a month to month mind the supervisor’s monetary wellbeing (monetary circumstance) and dissects the financial and business execution levels (Real P and L).

He proposes and executes the activity plans needed for streamlining results.

He proposes and executes the keeping preparing plan for all station staff. He plans and proposes an advancement strategy for Young Dealers.

He carries out an opposition and sectorial watch; distinguishes and portrays potential possibilities, examines the opposition.

He enlists new fuel card clients and keeps up the current clients

He leads stock control and audit all records relating to station tasks – physically kept up records + electronic (FCC)

He guarantees the stations follow legal prerequisites

He guarantees cleanliness control at the shops is carried out according to TOTAL HACCP rules

Working Enviroment:

Intricacy of the business relationship opposite overseeing inhabitants (CODO) holding free exchange status.

Exceptionally cutthroat climate (expanding movement of free movers, equal market).

Requesting with regards to monetary viewpoints (significant stakes).

Expanded thoughtfulness regarding natural issues/feasible turn of events.

Works 80% in the field/continuous evening time visits.

Personal Profile:

Four year college education in business fields with at any rate three years’ experience

Self-sufficiency, association (capacity to hierarchize occasions), severe methodology, feeling for business and for client support.

Scientific brain, reactivity, accessibility.

Capacity to tune in and impart, administrative potential.

Field man/woman.