Order ID: req13886

Occupation Title: Re-Advertisement: Child and Youth Protection and Development (CYPD) Senior Manager

Area: Child Protection

Business Category: Fixed Term

Business Type: Full-Time

Open to Expatriates: No

Area: Kasulu, Tanzania

Set of working responsibilities

Authoritative DESCRIPTION:

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) reacts to the world’s most noticeably terrible compassionate emergencies and assists individuals with enduring and modify their lives. Established in 1933 in line with Albert Einstein, the IRC offers lifesaving care and extraordinary help to exiles compelled to escape from war or catastrophe. At work today in more than 40 nations and 22 U.S. urban areas, we reestablish wellbeing, respect and desire to millions who are removed and attempting to persevere. The IRC drives the route from mischief to home.


Tanzania has been a nation of haven since the 1970’s. As of now, the nation has roughly 280,000 Burundian and Congolese outcasts and refuge searchers. Tanzania advocate the privileges of youngsters through

Inside this specific situation, IRC gives security and essential help with the spaces of Child and Youth Protection and Development, Protection and Rule of Law, mainstreaming Disability Inclusion, Women’s Protection and Empowerment, and Mental wellbeing, Sexual Reproductive Health Care administrations, and Education both in exile camps and among Tanzanian host networks and fuses research in the Kigoma locale. Outside the evacuee setting in the previous years, the IRC has attempted to react to Child Labor through Education and on Parenting Interventions.

IRC’s kid security program at present spotlights on Protection administrations through six safe recuperating and learning spaces, fortifying local area based kid insurance instruments and nurturing schooling. The adolescent program will keep on building authority limits of youth, make admittance to administrations at three youth communities, advancing games and expressions among the young, working with peer trainings, and supporting youth-drove organizations and building fundamental abilities.

Occupation OVERVIEW:

The Child and Youth Protection and Development (CYPD) Senior Manager is relied upon to guarantee all youngster assurance and youth projects are carried out inside concurred time period and financial plan. The post holder will be liable for straightforwardly directing kids assurance and youth program staff and fortify their ability in conveying insurance results for youngsters, overseeing activities, archive and consolidate exercises learnt in program execution and react to difficulties in operational regions in both evacuee camps and host networks. The post holder will likewise address IRC in specialized coordination gatherings and circle back to the execution of concurred activity focuses. He/she will be answerable for organizing on the improvement of observing and assessment design and circle back to execution with solid spotlight on tending to information quality issues and through examination to educate program plan and execution with the M&E Coordinator.

The CYPD portfolio is presently unobtrusive in size and incorporates a scope of tasks, to convey direct youngster assurance administrations and to give kid insurance limit and aptitude into IRC’s other area drove programs, especially schooling.

Working with the Deputy Director of Programs, Country Management Team and provincial and worldwide specialized staff, the job will have a double order of supporting conveyance and chipping away at key issues to reinforce IRC’s youngster insurance portfolio, working intimately with nearby accomplices and creating benefactor pay where the association can show critical added esteem.

The position is situated in Kasulu and reports to the Deputy Director of Programs and is upheld by the CP Technical Advisor.

Significant Responsibilities

Program Implementation and checking and assessment

Lead the execution of all of IRC projects in kid security and youth advancement streams including the improvement of detail execution and spending plans and circle back to advance

Guarantee all activities are executed by concurred contributor necessities and inner IRC rules

Lead customary gatherings with project staff and local area individuals to evaluate progress toward goals, fuse gaining from bleeding edge project staff, talk about difficulties and help with discovering answers for difficulties recognized.

Audit project spending and intently track progress and address any difficulties, incorporating addressing CYPD in the month to month BvA gatherings

Work with M&E group and awards to guarantee project accomplishments and difficulties are appropriately archived and conveyed both inside and remotely

Care staff and lead in the aggregation of giver reports and occasional updates on a case by case basis.

Intently arrange with pertinent IRC offices (other specialized areas (especially training) and Supply Chain, Grants, Finance and HR) to guarantee smooth execution of all CYPD projects.

Portrayal and Partnership

Address IRC in area coordination gatherings and interagency exercises and advance IRC’s initiative in youngster security and youth improvement programs

Take part in interagency evaluations and trainings

Oversee and create, where proper, organizations with the public authority of Tanzania, UN offices and other I/NGOs and nearby accomplices

Program Management and Business Development

Lead in program plan and the advancement of new proposition in accordance with the SAP and OEF with help from the CYPD TA

Arrange gaining from project execution to illuminate the plan regarding future projects

Oversee spending advancement and movement plans for new recommendations and idea papers with help from account and awards

Lead the advancement of correspondence materials featuring the accomplishment of IRC and the effect it brings to individuals served by IRC projects

HR Management

Manage and guide direct-report staff, including imparting clear assumptions, setting execution goals, giving normal and opportune execution input, and driving recorded semi-yearly execution surveys.

Advance and screen staff care and prosperity; endorse and deal with all leave solicitations to guarantee sufficient inclusion.

Offer authority support for fruitful adherence by staff to IRC’s Global HR Operating Policies and Procedures and the IRC way.

Take an interest in enlisting, preparing, and mentorship of CYPD staff


Degree in Social Work, Community Development or significant Social Science discipline with at any rate 5 years of pertinent work experience two of which are overseeing groups. Pertinent broad work experience may make up for nonappearance of degree sometimes.

Involvement with Child Protection, ideally in crisis and solid foundation on the off chance that administration and psychosocial support.

Local area commitment encounters with various partners and government delegates and in Child Participatory procedures.

Encounters in overseeing activities and awards. Venture configuration experience alluring.

Encounters in overseeing, administering and instructing staff.

Involvement with Monitoring, assessment and learning.

Encounters working with kid security in extended exile circumstances including camp-based frameworks alluring..

Encounters with helpful coordination component and liaising with applicable partners, including government services.

Capacity to work autonomously with a serious level of drive required.

Astounding IT abilities: information on MS Word; Excel and Outlook required. Brilliant order in English composed and oral abilities and Swahili is required. Kirundi\French are an or more.



Order ID: req14191

Occupation Title: Re-Advertisement of Grants Coordinator

Area: Grants

Business Category: Fixed Term

Business Type: Full-Time

Open to Expatriates: Yes

Area: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Set of working responsibilities

Foundation/IRC Summary:

The International Rescue Committee reacts to the world’s most noticeably awful philanthropic emergencies and helps individuals whose lives and occupations are broken by struggle and debacle to endure, recuperate and oversee their future.

We have been available in Tanzania since 1993 when we reacted to an inundation of outcasts from Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since the underlying deluge, we have proceeded to resolutely serve the requirements of the two displaced people and host networks in the country. In 2020, we contacted 250,000 individuals across three displaced person camps and the Tanzanian populace.

Through our work across wellbeing, instruction and assurance, we zeroed in on:

Guaranteeing that ladies and young ladies approach quality regenerative medical services

Working with heads of exile networks, strict and local area pioneers in the host local area and the public authority to forestall viciousness against ladies and reinforce ladies’ strengthening; and giving clinical reference, directing, lawful and backing to survivors;

Guaranteeing that kids influenced by relocation and emergency approach protected and quality instruction;

Improving basic school and wellbeing framework in the displaced person camps and the host local area;

Furnishing youth – especially young ladies – with social and sporting exercises just as fundamental abilities preparing;

Working with nearby accomplices to guarantee incorporation of people with handicaps in the camp and the host local area; and

Supporting the provincial Ministry of Health with a scope of wellbeing intercessions, including sickness flare-up, conceptive and psychological well-being administrations.

IRC in Tanzania is supported by a scope of high profile institutional and willful givers, including governments, global associations, corporates and establishments.

Occupation Overview/Summary:

The Grants Coordinator is a crucial senior situation at the core of the Tanzania country program. It contacts each part of our work; from system and program plan to outside relations; from raising support to program and concede the board and interchanges.

The Grants Coordinator will lead the Grants Department and reports to the Deputy Director of Programs (DDP). S/Heis an individual from the Country Management Team (CMT) and effectively partakes in the nation program’s essential arranging measures just as guaranteeing the essential needs of the nation program are up front in business advancement. The Grants Coordinator will work with the Country Management group to set subsidizing needs and targets, fabricate associations with contributors and create proposition to meet and quantify progress against these to guarantee IRC Tanzania ties down the assets to accomplish its essential objectives.

The Grants Coordinator is additionally responsible for top notch key inner and outer correspondences to be facilitated by the awards group however upheld by staff all through the program. .

The Grants Department is a developing group, presently a staff of four, with the possibility to develop as per need and the size of portfolio.

Significant Responsibilities:

Business Development

Build up a Business Development Strategy firmly adjusted to the Tanzania Country Program Strategy; lead in the acknowledgment of the Business Development Strategy

As a team with the DDP develop benefactor connections broadly and for explicit objective districts

Track impending freedoms by need area

Take lead in the Go-off limits choice for delivered calls.

Arrange the readiness of proactive materials like handouts, idea notes and bulletins that will add to the fulfillment of business advancement destinations.

Backing improvement of outer specialized devices as important for benefactor visits/gatherings on IRC Tanzania overall and IRC Tanzania programs specifically

Awards Management and Compliance

Work with DDP, Field Coordinators, Grants group situated in the Dar es Salaam and in Kigoma field workplaces and Technical Coordinators to help the interaction of value proposition and the improvement of new ventures and subsidizing recommendations. Help the DDP to adjust new recommendations to the country Strategy Action Plan (SAP). Liaise with HQ awards unit in New York, sectoral specialized units and IRC UK to guarantee recommendations satisfy interior guidelines, and are giver consistent.

Visit field destinations to work straightforwardly with program and awards staff to offer help, aid the improvement of recommendations and to consistently visit IRC program exercises

Work with the Grants Team to guarantee that reports to benefactors are submitted on schedule; that reports are rational and precise (proposition, break or last report)

In a joint effort with DDP, Field Coordinator/Project leads and the Grants group, carry out the Project Cycle Meetings (PCM) from Opening/execution and Closeout gatherings, just as month to month awards Implementation gatherings which incorporate portrayal from every unit (account, programs,supply chain) and guarantee legitimate development of issues raised.

Screen and backing the utilization of awards the executives instruments like FM01, BvAs, obtainment arranging and movement plans among program groups to guarantee precise following of execution and opportune cautions to possible difficulties/obstructions

Facilitate with IRC-UK, IRC NY, and Germany screen execution of program to guarantee they are as per benefactor and IRC inside prerequisites and go about as point of convergence in all correspondences with IRC Regional Unit and IRC UK office on Grants the board issues, including sharing of month to month award following updates.

Go about as point of convergence in working with proposition and benefactor report surveys and endorsements by specialized consultants and other pertinent people at HQ (counting looking after OTIS) and keep up appropriate records, all things considered, and sub-awards (BOX and OTIS).

Go about as caretaker of documentation of institutional information and program exercises as a team with applicable area directors and facilitators including money during Audits.

Train and backing program staff on giver consistence, report composing, undertaking and spending observing, record keeping, and Grants the executives.


Build up an organized inner and exernal correspondences plan that consolidates giver perceivability necessities; vital outer relations targets; upholds backing and affecting points; and draws in staff and fortifies the profile of the nation program.

Lead in country interchanges with givers in regards to pipeline and dynamic awards the board.

Keep up phenomenal connections inside IRC and remotely with all IRC’s current accomplices.

Supervise IRC Internal awards frameworks (OTIS) and cycles related records online that works with awards the board consistently.

Keep up vital giver documents on awards including printed copy and box.

Guarantee standard detailing for the NGO Registrar is finished, in association with External Liaison

HR and Supply Chain

Give specialized back halting in the office for awards group on awards related issue

Backing the program and activities in different enrollments, remembering for Supply chain delicate gatherings as mentioned

Arrange significant staff, everything being equal, to contributor necessities and work intimately with all IRC divisions to follow giver prerequisites

Attempt different errands as mentioned by the Deputy of Programs, the quick director.

Variety, Inclusion and Gender Equality

IRC recognizes and respects the principal worth and poise, all things considered. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and think about all candidates based on merit regardless of race, sex, shading, public beginning, religion, sexual direction, sex character, age, conjugal status, veteran status or inability. IRC is likewise dedicated to narrowing the sexual orientation hole in administrative roles. We offer advantages that give an empowering climate to ladies to partake in our labor force including parental leave, sex delicate security conventions and other steady advantages.


College degree in significant order, like business organization, advertising, account, project the executives or comparative, graduate degree liked.

In any event five to seven years of involvement with awards the executives and asset assembly, working in philanthropic or advancement programs; provincial and INGO experience liked.

Information on benefactor guidelines and needs, including UNHCR, UNICEF, UNDP, FCDO, USAID European Commission, ECHO and others.

Involvement with group the board and limit building

An incredible organizer and cooperative person; this job teams up across office and should have the option to impact partners, frequently without line the board.

Amazing association abilities; the postholder should perform multiple tasks and freely oversee high danger and high pressing factor needs influencing program manageability

Past experience working with global non-administrative associations in award the executives, especially with European and US public benefactors.

Past effective experience creating ventures and subsidizing proposition to givers. Solid proposition composing and planning abilities, IT capability, brilliant correspondence and composing abilities, great relational abilities, capacity to work in a group setting, capacity and eagerness to venture out to far off regions, and capacity to focus on high volumes of work to fulfill tight time constraints.

Consortium the executives experience is an or more.

Global experience inside Africa is an or more.

Serious level of preparation and capacity to meet tight deadlines